​MotometerCentral™ fields many questions regarding how to increase a motometer’s value.  Regardless of the temperature indicating method type, Brand or manufacturer little can beat having an unused, New Old Stock example that has been carefully stored, preserved and is still in proper original functional order with all its original packaging materials. 


However, the reality is that most thermometer-based motometers have been improperly stored lying on their side for many years, if not decades, after already being used extensively.  Most motometer sellers rely upon the trick of attaching accessory wings or radiator caps in attempt to increase their value, while an occasional few will go to the extent of painting the frames, re-plating the bezels or re-finishing them in their entirety however, the best way is to have them properly professionally re-calibrated back to original factory issued specification.


A thermometer-based motometer that is neither fully or partially topped out that is guaranteed to be in correct/proper as originally factory issued working condition is an easier item to sell than one that is fully or partially topped out and having to say that you “do not know if it is functional or that it does not work.”


Getting a thermometer-based motometer back into proper functioning condition is no easy task these days.  A decade or more of improper thermometer-based motometer storage seriously incapacitates such motometers.  All too frequently these motometers do not respond effectively to the original motometer manufacturer’s recommended tapping against a tire method and should not be attempted these days.  Their tapping method has a number of pitfalls that include high risk of breaking the thermometer instrument, cracking the frame or its flange, bending the radiator attachment bolt, further locking up the thermometer indicating fluid or seriously harming some other component.


MotometerCentral™ has developed a proprietary re-calibration method that gets the job done efficiently, effectively and without causing damage to components.  Our technique has never broken or damaged a motometer to-date.  Our dedicated service department staff members undergo a series of qualifying courses that have been internally developed that they must progressively and satisfactorily pass in order to be certified competent to service motometer re-calibration, including multi- angle thermometer-based motometers, (the most difficult of all).


MotometerCentral’s™ thermometer instrument-based motometer re-calibration service is worth every penny that it cost.  As part of MotometerCentral’s™ Re-Calibration Service we continue testing the unit several times after the initial re-calibration back to the original factory specified setting position has been accomplished.  Redundant testing is performed in a laboratory setting against the primary temperature range(s) until we are more than sure that the unit is reacting properly and reliably according to period use conditions on an applicable thermosyphon-type automobile engine.


Sensitivity can be taken to the point of sensing the minute changes in temperature in a houseroom.  Our proprietary thermometer instrument-based motometer re-calibration services typically takes several days of man-hour labor to ensure that the work has been properly performed and quality assured.


MotometerCentral™ is wholly unique in that it is The ONLY entity that professionally offers and provides thermometer instrument-based motometer re-calibration services.  And, if it were easy to do we would tell you and everyone would be doing it!


In fact many long-time, highly experienced automotive mascot, automobilia and mascot collectors know better than to attempt re-calibration given the increasingly fragile nature of these devices as time advances.  These collectors are more frequently leaving the re-calibration task up to future purchasers and many more simply do not know where to begin.


The longer that a thermometer instrument-based motometer stays locked up the harder, more expensive, difficult and at-risk it becomes to correct.


All of our thermometer instrument-based motometers are correctly function per original manufacturer’s specification. And so can yours when you Click on the following link <<Motometer Re-Calibration Service™>> to get started now!



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