The title of this article alone makes us shutter with an ominous feeling and much dreaded announcement that MotometerCentral will undergo price changes to its many motometer services beginning this up coming January.

MotometerCentral offers a host of unique and exclusive services that cater to motometer collectors, enthusiasts, automotive industry historians and automobile restorers that are not offered anywhere else. 


MotometerCentral is optimally positioned to offer the services that it does given its unparalleled thorough expertise on the subject, unmatched accuracy and knowledge, inarguable dedication to correct and proper artifact preservation as evidenced by its extensive collection and strong customer satisfaction driven commitment to aid in the correct heritage preservation on all aspects of this niche category of early Twentieth Century automotive industry history.

Alas, as a result of increased costs sadly we must raise service prices in order to continue providing all website visitors our honest, forthright and evidence-based insights into this burgeoning component of automotive history and niche within the world of automobilia.

For the past several years we have defiantly maintained our initial service offer prices at at extremely low levels so that we could provide the highest quality products and services at the lowest prices for the most people.  Our proprietary products and services proved to be advantageous for a great number of motometer enthusiasts.

While the prices will not increase dramatically we thought that we would inform you now so that the wise and value-conscious among you can take advantage of the low prices until the January 1st increase takes effect.  No change in quality should be anticipated, in fact you can expect quite the opposite, a boost in quality.

MotometerCentral's products are patent pending, proprietary and custom prepared to each customer/clients specifications, needs/requirements or interest.  Our products and are based upon proven principles, technologies, materials and practical use in the most critical environments and wide ranging scrutiny.  Our services are based in fact and extensive research utilizing authentic original manufacturer's documents and records acquired through years of ephemera collecting and period periodical searches and acquisitions.

MotometerCentral's goal in providing and delivering such services as its is to assist fellow motometer artifact collectors in building and developing high quality collections of genuine authentic original items and possessing accurate factual information about them and the subject in-general.  As our existing clients can attest we provide exceptional service, incredibly fast turnaround and delivery times (typically not exceeding 48-hours from initial order request) and, friendly confidence-inspiring customer relations.

We hope that all of our site visitors are able to take advantage of 2016 year end product and service prices.  We thank all who already have and look forward to supporting you more in 2017 as you work towards building a better quality motometer collection and knowledge base.



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