According to Rubén L. Verdés, SAH Journal Editor for The Society of Automotive Historians several members have submitted and had their scholarly paper(s) accepted for presentation and subsequent publication by the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA).  The focus of the papers are on "Protecting Our Overlooked Automotive Heritage in the Twenty-first Century."  The presentations will take place October 20-22, 2016 at the HVA's Research Laboratory in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

In the April/May SAH Journal issue Rubén stated,


"SAH Session at the HVA International Conference

An SAH paper session proposal (submitted by John Heitmann, J. Douglas Leighton, Dr. Carla Lesch, and Don Capps) was accepted by the HVA (Historic Vehicle Association) for their upcoming conference: Putting Preservation on the Road: Protecting Our Overlooked Automotive Heritage in the Twenty-first Century. The conference will take place at the HVA's new "National Laboratory" in Allentown, Pennsylvania, which will have its grand opening on July 27th."

The Historic Vehicle Association is a MUST JOIN organization for anyone and everyone serious about automobiles throughout the ages, access to accurate automotive industry historic data and information and, heritage preservation for today's and future generations to come.

The HVA states its mission and purpose as


1. Documenting and recognizing historically important vehicles in a National Historic Vehicle Register.

2. Establishing and sharing best practice guidelines to ensure that authentic examples of our

     automotive past will be available for future generations.
3. Promoting the historical and cultural significance of the automobile through media and events.


4. Protecting the future of our automotive past through affiliations with museums and academic

     institutions, educational programs, and support of legislative action."

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MotometerCentral's founder Francis G. Clax also had his paper proposal accepted by the HVA as he will present on the topic of motometers or early Twentieth Century Motor Heat Indicators.

A special book will be assembled and published based upon the paper topics.


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An incredible gathering of the best Mercer Automobiles in the world coming back" home to Mercer County, New Jersey at 100 Second Avenue, Roebling, NJ 08554.

The Mercer Automobile Company was founded in 1909 and built what is widely considered the first high performance specifically oriented sports car (or supercar).  All about speed and handling, the Model Type 35R Raceabout was the car to have if you wanted to go fast on the road or track straight out of the showroom.  Mercer autos were "race ready" and in factory race setup won the vast majority of race events enterred.

Washington Agustus Roebling II, a young and rich early automobile racing enthusiast was inspired to start the Mercer automobile Company with members of the Kuser family.  The Roeblings earned their tremendous fortune manufacturing  steel "rope" (cable) used to build great bridge structures like the Brooklyn Bridge.  Washington, acting consitently to his heroic nature, perished when the Titanic sank.  Reportedly he was last seen helping others into a lifeboat.  (He went to Europe to visit the Panhard & Levassor factory in France to learn more about automobile manufacturing.)

After losing Washington, most of the passion for the business was also gone and the company fell into dissolution in 1925, with only some 5,000 vehicles built.  Today, authentic original Mercers are one of the most highly sought after and desirable collector cars in the field area with solid examples costing more than $1 or $2 million.


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