Adding to your growing list of valuable ephemera that can be used to expand, extend and increase the appeal of your motometer automobilia collection presented for the month of July 2017 are period magazines, especially those that feature motometers on their covers.


In 1921, the Moto Meter Company, makers of BOYCE MOTO-METER engine temperature indicators, and Motor Age trade journal established a particularly close working relationship just as the BOYCE MOTO-METER began to significantly hit its stride as a very popular product and widely used automobile accessory.


By this time approximately four million BOYCE MOTO-METERs had been sold and were in use worldwide with “only” some seven million automobiles manufactured and in registered use evidencing the popularity of the gauge device.  Starting with the March 24, 1921 issue (Volume XXXIX, Number 12) Motor Age depicted a BOYCE MOTO-METER on its magazine cover



Motor Age on July 14, 1921 (Volume 40, Issue Number 2) again ran a BOYCE MOTO-METER logo image on its cover only this time it featured what MotometerCentral™ refers to by the coined phrase “Second Generation ‘Pointing Man™.”  The “Pointing Man™” depicts a gentleman motorist pointing his finger at a BOYCE MOTO-METER mounted on his auto’s radiator.


Point of fact - the Second Generation “Pointing Man™” is the de facto corporate logo image for MotometerCentral™.  We have adopted this image for our business cards, letterhead and other items.


Another example comes from Motor Age’s August 11, 1921 issue seen here.



Again depicting “Second Generation ‘Pointing Man™” and the Moto-Meter Company slogan “Your car deserves one.”

Additional Motor Age magazine covers were September 8, 1921 (Volume XL, Number 10);October 6, 1921 (Volume XL, Number 14); December 1, 1921 (Volume XL, Number 22); and, December 29, 1921 (Volume XL, Number 26).

As you can see there was some variation in image and product depiction including the BOYCE MOTO-METER Light and Parking Lamp, a De Luxe Type Indicator as a Christmas present and a cleaned up Second Generation “Pointing Man™” image all with a facsimile of BOYCE MOTO-METER inventor and Brand namesake Harrison Boyce signature.

Many other Motor Age covers were gained in 1922 however during the same year the Moto-Meter Company got Motor World for Dealers, Jobbers and Garagemen trade journal involved with its premier Brand product promotion as shown in the September 20, 1922 (Volume LXXII, Number 12); October 18, 1922 (Volume LXXIII, Number 2; November 15, 1922 (Volume LXXIII, Number 7); and December 13, 1922 (Volume LXXIII, Number 11).  Prominently depicted is a realistic appearing Standard Type BOYCE MOTO-METER accompanied by the auto industry marketing slogan “Ask ‘em to buy.”








There were a few other magazine issue covers that featured BOYCE MOTO-METER product-related images not shown here, but you get the point.  Such magazine publications that featured BOYCE MOTO-METER on their covers were largely limited to Motor Age and Motor World, though a wide variety had BOYCE MOTO-METER advertisement and articles within them.


One of our favorite non-BOYCE MOTO-METER cover magazine issues is the ultra rare July 25, 1918 Motor Age trade journal that contains what we (MotometerCentral™) refer to as the “blue pages.”  The “blue pages” contain Moto Meter Co. BOYCE MOTO-METER ads featuring various temperature indicator products, as shown herein.







Because the edition that contains these “blue pages” and the fact that the particular issue is intact and in relatively good condition for its 99-year old age we have made the decision to preserve it as is versus separating out the many great automobile company advertisements.


Thank you for reading and viewing this month of July’s Featured Ephemera article on period collectible magazines.

Motor Age journal Boyce Moto-Meter March 24,1921 Cover Page on MotometerCentral.com
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Motor Age journal Boyce Moto-Meter August 11,1921 Cover Page on MotometerCentral.com
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