​The last couple of months have been quite hectic, interesting and flat out exciting around the MotometerCentral™ offices - expanded operations; new facilities; moves; packing; shipping; unpacking, many new customers; new products; new employees; and, tighter deadlines.  Those factors plus a whole lot more research and an always growing inventory is the “norm” and keeps the staff motivated and busy.


MotometerCentral.com™ is so much more than a website.  MotometerCentral.com™ is a dynamic, constantly changing and evolving hobbyist website that draws world-wide attention to early Twentieth Century automobile radiator-mounted engine temperature indicating gauges and devices that originally graced the front ends of modest autos, such as Ford Model Ts and Saxons to the premium world class auto marques of Bugattis, Dusenbergs, Isotta Fraschinis, Packards, Peerless, and Pierce-Arrows.  MotometerCentral.com™ receives inquiries and requests from every paved continent on a daily basis.


Despite their indispensible utility and automotive industry significance, these early temperature-monitoring devices have long since had their history and contributions overlooked and are still ignorantly minimized by so-called industry “historians and experts.”  MotometerCentral™ is forcing these individuals, their affiliated associations and many others to take notice, re-think their “expertise” and realize that they only knew what someone else wrote a very long time ago (based upon their limited knowledge).


MotometerCentral.com™ is heavily influencing all aspects of the motometer automobilia market niche and to that end its founder(s) and staff continue to locate, acquire and thoroughly research the provenance of each rare item that enters its collection and to highlight the historic significance of these items in auto publications, industry conferences and events.


This month’s website News update coincided with the publication and distribution of our semi-annual newsletter, known as The Monitor.  Content in The Monitor is different than that of the website with a greater insight into motometer history, care, collecting and newly acquired artifacts, etc.


Several website visitors got their subscription request in just before the June 1 date of publication release and were able to be accommodated with digital PDF issues.  38,000 digital copies were sent out and within hours positive comments were being received!


The next newsletter edition will mail out on December 1st so be sure to subscribe early and well in advance of the November 15th subscription cutoff date.  Be sure to provide all of the requested contact information (Full Name, active Email address, Telephone Number, Physical Mailing address and the words “Newsletter Subscription Request” as the email subject).  Each newsletter is individually mailed to keep your email address private from others and it is stored offline to prevent unauthorized access.


Physical copies of the newsletter may be requested and acquired for a nominal fee that includes U. S. Postal Service delivery.


Featured June 2017 NEWS articles include:


    A Gift from Italy

    Legacy Hat Trick


    Retirements & In Memoriam

                     Arthur Bell’s Passing Anniversary


    Accomplishments & Accolades


     June Featured Ephemera – BOYCE MOTO-METER Replacement Dial Mailer

                                                        Brochure & Envelop



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