A Crazy Car Town

The Story of Kansas City and How It was shaped by Its Relationship with the Automobile

By Kyle Yarber

Noted Auto Historian, Kyle Yarber researched and penned an impressive read on the development of the automotive industry and culture that manifested in Kansas City, Missouri in his 2014 published book, "A Crazy Car Town - The Story of Kansas City and How It was shaped by Its Relationship with the Automobile."


Kyle is a fellow member of the Society of Automotive Historians and enhanced the organization's Eleventh Biennial Conference attendees, April 15, 2016, with his knowledge on the earliest known automobile manufacturing pioneers in this midwest city.  Kyle has taken it upon himself to thoroughly research and document how this city now largely known for its outstanding barbeque restaurants, food and Blues music grew  thanks to its recognition of the potential of the automobile.


As Kyle informs us in his latest book early Twentieth Century Kansas City was home to a number of ambitious single-digit automobile producers that is until a two-year Ford Motor Company came to town and set up  a "sales and service branch."*   (* Page 31)


Assembled car makers like Beggs and the Severin Motor Car Companies also made their run at the auto industry business.


Kyle and our founder, Francis Clax struck up seceral conversations around one particular subject of Kyle's book, Homer B. Roberts.  Roberts was an already quite accomplished African-American man who established a successful automobile brokerage and sales business, eventually selling some twenty plus automobile marques, such as "Buick, Cadillac, Chalmers, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Haynes, Hupmobile, Jordan, Lafayette, Marmon, Nash, Oldsmobile, Packard, Rickenbacker, Rolls-Royce, and Whippet" to African-American customers in the then highly segregated city.**   (** Page 67)




















From the Kansas City Star Newspaper to Fox4 News Kyle's book has earned and received many accolades and plaudits for his indepth, educational and entertaining insightful recounting of this overlooked history.


We, at MotometerCentral, are very proud and appreciative of the opportunity to have made Kyle''s acquaintenance and to have been initiated on the automotive industry history of Kansas City by the resident expert.


Upon leaving the SAH Conference finale dinner Kyle caught up with Francis and gave him a copy of this precious reference book and even autograph signed this copy, which after reading Francis will place into the permanent portion of his motometer and automobilia collection.


Besides being a great read unto itself, we wholeheartedly believe in Kyle's mission to document the automotive industry history on a local, regional or state level as there are many untold stories to be found and written about.


Kyle is a top shelf automotive history researcher, historian, speaker and author from whom much can be learned throughthe writings of his book.  He is also the former historical director and curator of the Kansas Automotive Museum and a current member of the Kansas City Automotive History Project.


We encourage every automotive industry enthusiast who ever thought of writing a book to take up this challenge as Kyle has successful accomplished.  And, to acquire a copy of this marvelous recounting of automotive history.  The book has an ISBN 978-0-692-29224-2 and can be acquired via Amazon.com  via the following link>  "A Car Crazy Town" by Kyle Yarber






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