Late October 2015 -


The decision has been made to move our Featured Rare Find of the Month to the Motometer Collectors Association (MCA) section of our overall website, therein providing greater value and another new benefit to our fellow organizational members beginning at the start of the new year.   Access to the Featured Rare Find no longer be provided on this publc portion of this website.  So, now is the time to become a member of the Motometer Collectors Association!   Joining the MCA now will ensure your ability to stay informed of and on some of the rarest motometer-related items ever manufactured and known to exist.  This continued opportunity is but one of the many benefits of membership.  Please click on and visit the related MCA links under the HOME main Menu or press the following MCA Link to get started. 


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Many thanks to the Antique Automobile Club of America; the AACA Library and Research Center, Chris Ritter, Matt Hocker, Mike Reilly, et al, the AACA's Antique Automobile magazine and Editor West Peterson for all of their help, support, encouragement, patience, professionalism and use of resources regarding the inclusion of our informative article accurately and factually chronicling the development history of the motometer (or motor heat indicator).  Responses to the article from AACA Fall Swap Meet attendees was overwhelming, positive and encouraging.  Editor West Peterson did a marvelous job on the layout and as usual the colorful and informative magazine presnted itself in spectacular form and function.  We were proud to havethe opportunity to contribute and hope that we will get another opportunity.




This year's AACA Fall Eastern Division Swap Meet went off without a hitch starting with perfect balmy and sunny Fall weather that only got better throughout the earliest days of the event.  AACA Executive Director, Steve Moskowitz ordered up great weather to coincide with his even better event planning, organization and execution, though he was very hard to catch up to as he was making sure that every detail was properly addressed and attended.  Steve chose the perfect AACA member volunteers to staff the various entrance points, provide customer service at club souvenir tents and facilities maintenance.  We were thoroughly pleased with this year's staff and their frindly, courteous and professional demeanor.  We spent several hundred dollars on club apparel and event memorabilia and it was all well worth it!


More recently the AACA Library & Research Center  held its preliminary Swap Meet kick off event of its  charity Yard Sale on Tuesday, October 6th, between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm, where vintage, Classic and Brass Era books, manuals and other collectible items can be purchased.  This event went over very big with with the many hundred attends, who poured over the many out of print books.  The event was well conceived, organized and executed, enabling it to be quite well atended, energetic and very successful.   We obtained a number of very rare and unusual items.




We received a very jubilent and warm welcome from the hundreds of antique automobile enthusists at the AACA headquarters at the AACA Library & Research Center, 501 W. Governor Road Hershey, PA (717) 534 2082 in the Center's lobby during the opening days of this year's Fall Swap meet event.  Our Motometer collection was and still is on display exhibition.  The exhibition really seemed to have captured the interest of the many patrons.  Our attending staff fielded a nymber of general and focused questions regarding its ecclectic array.  We were taken aback and energized by the enthusiasm, smiles and wonderment that it generated.


The Francis G. Clax Motometer Collection will remain onsite at the AACA Library & Research Center until April 30, 2016.





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