With so much of the actual motometer (gauge/device) portion of our collection out on exhibition tour, we have been methodically assembling a complimentary collection.  So far, this "new" collection includes a 1914-15 era BOYCE MOTO-METER Standard Type, a very unusual Universal model Type BOYCE MOTO-METER, the most perfect, pristine and complete Universal model Type BOYCE MOTO-METER that we have ever seen and two MONITOR brand indicators, among several other top quality hard to find motometers and other related items.


It has become rather apparent to us, that at this moment in time and for our purposes, we are nearing the end of our acquisition phase.  Not much of what is out there is either interesting, rare/unusual, meets our condition quality standards or, is historically significant, in our opinions.  But, that is not to say that there are not plenty of very good prospects out there for other motometer collectors looking to start or build upon their existing collections.



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Several interesting BOYCE MOTO-METER signs were sold at auctions around the country this past Winter. The signs fetched top dollars and quite healthy sums, making it clear that motometer automobilia  is strong in demand and value, especially for the rare and pristine condition items and among elite automobilia and petroliana collectors.



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Our Classified Ad Service is producing excellent results for the product listers/sellers and buyers.  With the items being sold directly by the seller and on a first come basis purchasers are able to get a great deal without the hassle and uncertainty of an auction environment.  Items are selling a a rate of about three weeks to a month after the initial Ad listing is published.  This rate is pleasing both Ad listers/Sellers and purchasing customers alike.  They are enjoying our no backend fee or commission policy, too! get many requests to locate specific motometer-related items.  Purchasing customers are especially pleased knowing that the items that they are or have been looking for are listed with a trusted website and fully described with reliable informarion so that there is no guess work as to the item that they are purchasing or will receive.


Our Classified Ad Service has really taken off.  It is the perfect place to Buy, Sell, Trade or Locate your motometer item(s).  Contact us for listing rates and then let MotometerCentral do the rest!

One of our great success stories are the Automotive Mascot book series by authors James R. Colwill and Bruce Stewart, respectively.  This limited production first edition series is chocked with eyepopping life sized full color photo images of incredible automobile mascots and unusually rare hood ornaments from various periods in automotive history.  Buy direct from the authors!  Once their gone, their gone and will be throughly used, so buy them while they are new! Each book in the series is New, Brilliant and Entertaining.  There is nothing on the market like them.



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