Another exquisite example of ephemera that can add extra pizzaz and emphasis to your motometer automobilia collection can be period automotive accessory and parts distributor catalogs such as that of the Charles Williams Stores featured here only this month on™.

This month of May 2017 featured ephemera is about the Charles Williams Stores 1918 Spring Catalog that features a BOYCE MOTO-METER on its cover and within its interior product sales pages.

This catalog is a highly desired, much sought after and extremely collectible item in and of itself.  Apparently there is a strong collector's market for Charles Williams Stores catalogs.  The Company is most known to catalog collectors for their clothing fashion catalogs primarily.  Not a lot of their catalogs are known to still exist.  Most of the catalogs known to exist are from the 1930s, so rarely are pre- 1920 examples ever seen or come up for new ownership.

A few years ago we had the opportunity to acquire this 1918 example which we did specifically because it had a BOYCE MOTO-METER of a type that we owned and that fact is highly beneficial to our dedicated and continual research.  The use of a period-specific BOYCE MOTO-METER on its cover and within its pages provides sufficient evidence, validation and corroboration of our motometer examples age and/or period of manufacture and commercial availability.

As you can see, the cover of this catalog is in particularly good condition for its 99-year age.  It is extremely rare and unique as it is the only 1918 one known to exist and one of two pre- 1920 examples regardless of product category.

Page 42 reveals its emphasis on selling "Motometers" immediately and expressly by its page header and listing of the three primary BOYCE MOTO-METERs of the time, being the large Standard, then mid-size Junior and small Midget Types, respectively.

The Charles Williams Stores primary location was in New York City, New York obviously located not all that far from the Motometer Company's factory in nearby Long Island City, N.Y.

The Charles Williams Company must have been a very large and successful BOYCE MOTO-METER distribution company based on its ability to advertise BOYCE MOTO-METER prices well below the generally accepted national retail price policy.

Charles Williams Stores catalog and mail order product sales competed against mega giants Sears Roebuck and J. C. Penney Stores, respectively.

Some people acquire these types of catalogs just so that they can dissect the pages containing certain product images for individual page sales. We believe that in this particular instance that it is more important to keep this catalog together as published and issued.

It is additional appropriate that this particular catalog cover depicts what looks like the start of the annual May "big race" of the Liberty 500-Mile International Sweepstakes held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Memorial Day.  However, to the chagrin of most racing fans and drivers no race was held during the 1918 year.

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