MotometerCentral’s™ founder and owner of our motometer automobilia collection, as shown within this website — is by far the world’s most elaborate, extensive and historically significant, as well as possibly largest by numerical quantity genuine authentic automobile radiator-mounted engine temperature indicating device collection in the world — will permit his motometers, related ephemera and other artifacts to be viewed by the general public at two different venues beginning in February.


Rarely have motometers ever been the sole focus of an automotive industry or museum exhibition, with prior exceptions by this collection in previous years and events.  Each time that antique automobile aficionados and car enthusiasts have had this unique opportunity they have commented extremely positively about the immersive experience presented by all of the original artifacts; presentation; volume; and artifact condition.

Nowhere else can this exact or similar exhibition be found.  Beginning with a special, V.I.P. - invitation only -opening event gala on Friday, February 2nd at the Ontario County Historical Museum, 55 North Main Street, Canandaigua, New York the Clax Motometer Collection will be on public display until approximately Friday, September 8th (unless held-over).


MotometerCentral™ and Clax Motometer Collection owner Francis G. Clax is allowing more artifacts to be shown than ever before, including hundreds of truly rare; scarce; limited edition; one-of-a kind and prototypal motometers; original issued motometer patents and related drawings and inventor notes; hand signed company documents; lone surviving catalogs, receipts, instructional sheets, manuals, booklets, pamphlets and brochures; advertising print plates; inventor personal items; and much, much more.  Occupying the Museum’s Main Gallery space in a period (1914) completed historic building this exhibition promises to be a journey back into early internal combustion era automotive history and nostalgia.


Throughout the run of this exhibition Francis will host a series of lecture discussion sessions on motometers for all interested parties and groups.  Car clubs, youth and senior groups of all types are welcome and may be presented with interactive opportunities to see demonstrations of the various technologies used to determine or indicator engine overheating and device function, personally handle and hold certain examples more than 100-years old and receive an owner-guided tour.


Francis also hosted an automobilia exhibition at the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Annual National Conference on Saturday, February 8th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  On display will be a sampling of the vast array of items categorized and collected as automobilia including automotive mascots/hood ornaments, rare radiator badges/emblems, vehicle identification tags, brass wheel caps, chauffeur/professional licensed driver badges, employee badges and many other related authentic original rare artifacts as examples related to Francis’ presentation topic.


Francis will be Saturday morning’s opening featured seminar speaker/presenter when he will present on the topic titled “Automobilia & Its Relationship to Preserving Automotive History,” a subject that he truly believes and practices as a celebrated and well-noted automotive historian and artifact preservationist.

OCHS Museum Exec Director Ed Vano & Entrance to Clax Motometer Exhibition on MotometerCentral™.com
F. Clax Motometer Display Case of Oldest Motometers in existence on MotometerCentral™.com
F. Clax Display of Oldest Motometers in existence Close-up on MotometerCentral™.com
F. Clax vast Motometer Ephemera Display on MotometerCentral™.com
Supplemental F.Clax Motometers on Display at MotometerCentral™.com
F. Clax's Ultra Rare Motometer Co. Catalogs & Manuals on MotometerCentral™.com
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