On Saturday, May 27, 2017 MotometerCentral™ founder Francis Clax is scheduled as a featured speaker of the first Pan-European Conference for Automotive History to be held in Mulhouse, Alsace, France. 















                                          This intriguing and innovative automotive conference is organized by the Society of Automotive Historians in Britain (SAHB) and the Automobil-Historische Gesellschaft e.V., Germany and is sponsored by Cité de L’Automobile Muse National Collections Schlumpf (or the National Automobile Museum Schlumpf Collection).


The organizers of this conference realize that its location is a large distance for certain international speakers but hope that their presence and topic expertise will add value and variety to the conference’s international automotive industry history and heritage theme, especially for the first one.


The SAHB, or SAHUK was established in 1980 as a Chapter of the American-based Society of Automotive Historians that had been founded in 1969.

The Cité de L’Automobile Muse National Collections Schlumpf is a magnificent location.



The museum’s website states their origin as follows in French:


“Née dans le contexte exceptionnel de « l’affaire Schlumpf », l’Association du Musée National de l’Automobile avait pour mission de sauver les éléments de la collection Schlumpf et de les garder en Alsace. Elle regroupait alors la Ville de Mulhouse, le Département du Haut-Rhin, la Région Alsace, la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Mulhouse, l’Automobile Club de France, la Société Panhard et le Comité du Salon de l’Automobile. En 1981, elle achète la collection, les terrains et les bâtiments. Elle veille depuis à la pérennité de ce patrimoine, sa conservation et son enrichissement.”


French to English Translation:


“Born in the context of exceptional" the matter Schlumpf," the Association of the National Museum of the automobile had for mission to save the elements of the Schlumpf collection and keep them in Alsace. It brought together then the city of Mulhouse, the Department of Haut-Rhin, the Alsace Region, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mulhouse, the Automobile Club of France, the Company Panhard rod and the Committee of the Automobile Salon. In 1981, she buys the collection, the land and the buildings.”  (sic)



They go on to say:


“La même année, elle créée l’Association pour la Gestion du Musée National de l’Automobile, chargée de son ouverture au public et de son développement. Cette association regroupait en 1981 la Ville de Mulhouse (aujourd’hui la CAMSA), le Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin, la CCI, l’Association Départementale du Tourisme, le Comité d’Actions pour le progrès économique et social du Haut-Rhin (CAHR), l’Office du Tourisme de Mulhouse et l’Association des Musées des Arts et Techniques de Mulhouse.”


French to English Translation:

"The same year, she created the Association for the management of the National Museum of the automobile, responsible for its opening to the public and its development. This association consisted in 1981 the city of Mulhouse (today the CAMSA), the General Council of the Haut-Rhin, the ICC, the departmental association of tourism, the Action Committee for the economic and social progress of the Haut-Rhin (CAHR), the Office of Tourism of Mulhouse and the Association of Museums of Arts and Techniques of Mulhouse." (sic)


Francis has appeared at industry conferences with several of the other professional speakers and is looking forward to meeting with them again.

The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain/United Kingdom is a fine organization whose membership is growing.  You are welcome to join via its website.  You can click on the link here  << for more information.

The museum’s website is located at - for more information on it and the fabulous elegant collection of praiseworthy autos of the Schlumpf collection.

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