MotometerCentral has a vast worldwide automobilia network that specifically includes the top, elite, motometer collectors.  These elite collectors neither make their identity extensively known or allow their collections to be fully visible to the public at-large.  However, as a member of this elite group we often share information and exchange items between us.  These unique collectors have additional networks of associatiates all their own that frequently are made available to us as well.


As part of our Motometer Locator service we put forth your request to acquire a specific motometer-related item to our fellow collector network(s) so that they might better enable locating the requested item as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


Our Motometer Locator service extends to only authentic original items and not lesser grade reproductions.


Location of specific motometer-related items is not a precise process and may take extensive amounts of time, including necessary authetification, condition verification and price negotiation. Certain items could take years to find based upon their rarity and acceptible condition.


By relying primarily upon elite automobilia collectors we feel and know that the quality of item located is of the best quality and condition available bar none coming from a known, reliable and experienced source that we trust.


Through this service we extend that resource on your behalf so that you do not have to expend greater resources to find the example that you desire or need.


Results cannot be guaranteed as authentic original motometer items are automotive industry artifacts decades old, highly cherished by their current owners, if they exist at all, and may be very costly to acquire.


Our Motometer Locator Service is available at three service levels that reflect the difficulty in finding any singular item.  The service at each level reflects the resource expenditure and cost per item, unless otherwise arranged and negotiated.  The below stated level(s) of difficulty are based upon our expert understanding of this collector niche and its market(s).




Moderate Difficulty.  Item generally locatable in a one year or less timeframe.


Price: $40.00 per item (USD)




Higher Difficulty.   Item may take more than a year to locate.

Cost to acquire may be relatively high for Good -to- Very Good

or higher condition. 


Price: $75.00 per item (USD)




Extremely Difficult.  May take several years to locate. 

Item condition is dependent upon availability and client standard

of acceptability.


Price: $100.00 per item (USD)


Package pricing may be negotiated for multiple item sourcing.

Please use this  CONTACT US Link to arrange services - Thank you.



With each service level the requesting client agrees to let MotometerCentral®, its staff or representative to negotiate the acquisition terms, to include sale price, applicable taxes, fees (such as import, export, excise, Customs, etc.) and shipping costs on their behalf without interference or delay once the item has been located and acquisition costs identified, if applicable.


The client requestor also agrees to pay all inspection, testing, handling, packaging and shipping costs involved in the final delivery to the client-requestor.


The client-requestor should perform all due diligence in researching and being highly specific about the item, (to include written item description, applicable photo images, drawings or any other clear identification specifications, descriptions or identiying marks, etc.) .  MotometerCentral® will offer its expertise in drawing up a proper locator request description to better ensure a clear understanding of the requested service task and identification of the item sought, as well as historic accuracy and/or period vehicle applicability.


In the event that the client-requestor does not specify a particular item quality condition, e.g., New/Unused, Used - Very Good/Like New or, Used - Good Condition; Operational per original Factory specification or Any, etc.  MotometerCentral will pursue an item that meets our typical standard of acceptability based upon our own collector's standard and pricing for such an item.


MotometerCentral typically only acquires motometer related items worthy of public exhibition display quality that are also generally, properly functional or that can be made operational at a reasonable additional cost and timeframe.  The quality condition and total completeness of any particular item may vary particularly as the level of rarity, difficulty to locate and quality condition increases.  The client-requestor will be informed of the item's quality and costs to acquire prior to receiving the item or final payment request.


The Motometer Locator Service client-requestor may be required to make operable a motometer device through their own means depend upon the item type requested and provided.  MotometerCentral is under no obligation whatsoever to automatically or contractually provide this kind of a service unless express in writing as part of the agreed to service.  Client-requestors may seek MotometerCentral's assistance on the matter of making or restoring a particular device to operational/functional condition, though additional costs will be incurred.


Motometer Locator Services must be paid in advance of service execution.


Once payment for the Motometer Locator Service has been realized a Locator Specialist will be assigned to immediately begin sourcing and negotiating for the requested motometer-related item on the client-requestor's behalf per their written/stated request.


The client-requestor will be notified when a unit example meeting their stated requirements has been located.  The Locator Specialist will then submit all relative information gained to the client-requestor then await a timely response before proceeding with any acquisition activity.  The client-requestor will have no more than 48-hours to respond to the Locator Specialist less the negotiations be determined in actionable or able to continue.


The client-requestor is responsible for pre-payment of all expenses necessary to effect final safe delivery of the item.


No after-the-sale, commission or other fee is charged to the client-requestor in association with this for pay service.


Once the Locator service has been paid for and the locator service assigned and engaged upon by the Locator Specialist no refund shall be mandatorily required or provided unless otherwise previously stated in writing.


MotometerCentral® is not responsible for incorrect applicability, attachment or usage of any item located and delivered and provides no further guarantee than item fulfillment based upon the client-requestor's stated specifications and/or locator requirements.  Nor, is MotometerCentral®  responsible for delivery of the stated item, in the agreed upon stated relative condition and the client' - requestor's later discontent, recision or change of mind.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


The time frames stated are purely optimistic estimates.  The above stated level(s) of difficulty are based upon our expert understanding of this collector niche and its market(s).  No where or one else offers this type of service in the motometer collector automobilia market.  And, while no results can absolutely be guaranteed due to the nature of discovering decades old artifacts MotometerCentral® is in the best/optimum position to provide and fulfill this Motometer Locator Service and has no similar expert, professional competitors or competition.  All valiant and diligent effort(s) will be made by MotometerCentral® to locate and help a client acquire the desired item in the most expeditious manner possible.  Items adjudged by MotometerCentral® to be inauthentic, non-original, critically altered, a reproduction or fake will not be considered viable, but may be brought to the client's attention if no authentic original item example can be located within the client's working timeframe.

MotometerCentral® uses it's own physical examples, original manufacture catalogs, documents, period advertisements, etc. or may, on occasion seek out assistance from external trusted sources to verify or confirm item authenticity or originality on the client's behalf and to ensure that the item is as requested.




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