So much has taken place since October that it has been too busy for us to get out all the news so much of what has taken place and is about to will appear in the next month’s update.

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However we will provide a couple of brief snippets on our recent activities of particular importance such our founder being a featured guest speaker at the Michael R. Argetsinger Symposium on International Motor Racing History, the upcoming exhibition of our motometer collection at the Ontario County Historical Society and this month’s featured ephemera article.


MotometerCentral™ continues to stretch it leads in promoting motometer collecting and awareness bar none.  While others are far too busy seeing what quick information is available from usually incorrect Internet sources that they can use to turn a quick buck selling a typically poor condition, non-functional motometer of theirs on® we maintain a steady course of accurately recording and preserving motometer history and top quality original artifacts as well as educating members of the automotive industry and public at-large.


The MotometerCentral™ website is dynamic and ever changing/evolving versus the static nature of other similar subject websites.  Our information on these early Twentieth Century automobile radiator-mounted engine temperature indicating devices is always highly researched and accurate and is typically coupled with source references and not fictional statements with no supporting evidence.  We are the Trusted Source for all things motometer related without exception, peer or comparison.


Coming by all of this specific knowledge has not been easy or without substantial cost.  There are significant costs to countless man-hours of research, storing the acquired data digitally or in its most original condition, sourcing and acquiring the most historically significant motometer artifacts and related materials and then recompiling all of the information into readily comprehensive bytes and files; properly storing al of it; representing it professionally and competently to the public.


Across the academic, automotive industry, automobile club associations and organizations and esteemed top level auto collectors and restorers MotometerCentral™ has earned its merits, fully due respect and position of honor. 


The knowledge base of the entire staff spans the automotive industry and our dedication to our customers is second to none.  When a customer inquires and places an order we push to fully respond in 48 hours or less and work hard to exceed each customer’s service or product expectations – and, we have the unsolicited customer testimonials to prove it!


We have also taken the initiative to offer various cost-effective means to assist our customers, website visitors and industry colleagues in improving the quality, value and presentation of their collection, correctly identifying their items and better understanding the subject matter – all unprecedented actions.


MotometerCentral™ supports the Motometer Collectors Association™ (MCA™), the user-collector group of highly focused motometer collectors and artifact preservationists.  We furnish their members with access to limited availability information and original document copies. MotometerCentral™ serves as an information clearinghouse for the MCA™. 


The vast majority of this information has never before been comprehensively assembled, compiled and made ready for quick dissemination in an easily useable fashion.  No one or organization possesses as much singularly focused information, including the physical artifacts to support the documentation.


Over the years of our online existence we have furnished features on ultra rare motometers and related items from our collection; item identification quizzes to assist site visitors in better identifying highly desirable rare motometers; examples for spotting and identifying reproductions, fakes and fraudulent/made up items; and, interesting ephemera type items that further document or enhance the representation and value of a quality motometer collection. 


We even offer our exclusively designed and patent pending motometer pedestals that assist in properly presenting and storing motometers; indicator recalibration services and cleaning –and- polishing recommendations.


MotometerCentral™ does all of these things not to help us but to help other motometer automobilia collecting enthusiasts improve their collections and hobbyist/investment experience.


If you have come to our website, are a frequent or casual visitor you know that there are a myriad of information stores throughout that are very interactive and engaging.  These many links and images are there to educate and entertain even the most earnest of long time motometer collectors to learn more about them than they knew before.


MotometerCentral™’s goal and mission — and that of all its staff members, associates, partners and affiliates — is to better inform concerned enthusiasts, auto historians and antique car collectors while engaging others to collect, be more aware of these handy little devices and their significant contribution to automotive industry history and their enduring legacy.



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