This exclusive service is designed and designated for thermometer-based early automobile engine temperature indicators - ONLY.

Said motometers will have their temperature indicating fluid returned to their original factory operating specification and position level.

Not for the inexperienced, unsure or heavy handed we have perfected a proprietary technique that improved upon the original factory method.

We have corrected adjusted over one thousand units and counting - No breakage, damage or incorrect performance.

A properly adjusted motometer looks better, is more appealing and valuable to antique auto car owners, restorers and automobilia collectors, but must be performed with delicate and precise care by experts.




Price shown is basic baseline cost not including return shipping costs or additional time or resources needed to properly effect re-calibration to our satisfaction standard.  Additional costs or charges may be necessary to be included in final billing.


Pricing is for a single Boyce Moto-Meter gauge item.


Contact us for individual item-specific pricing.




    Incorrectly stored thermometer-based motometers, particularly after decades, tend experience indicator fluid creep that fills the upper tube chamber completely or partially disrupting proper or normal operation as well as devaluing the unit and making it look flawed.


    We know of many motometers rendered useless by people who arrogantly or naively  thought that they knew what they were doing only for it to become painfully obvious that did not know what they were doing when they damaged their item breaking either the thermometer tube, glass crystal, both or bending another component.




    We correct indicator fluid level issues cost effectively, efficiently and professionally returning them to their factory intended original position as quickly.


    Once your previously incorrectly positioned indicator is properly restored, it is tested and re-tested several times until we are thoroughly satisfied that  that it has been properly lowered and is ready for use on an applicable antique automobile or ready for proper display purposes.


    Service time may vary depending upon the severity of the item's condition, stubbornness or resistance to correction.


    Service time(s) vary, however we begin working on each item as soon as it is received.


    Orders are processed in the order received on a FIFO (First In First Out) basis.


    The Customer will be notified if service time must be extended to ensure proper correction.


    Items must be shipped to our location.


    Full Shipping Costs, both delivery and return, are the responsibility of the customer, without exception, to include delivery insurance.  Customer should include a pre-paid return shipping label with the motometer item when delivered.


    Cost stated is per item.




    The Customer is requested and required to remove all accessory items that may otherwise have been attached, including radiator caps, topper/mascots, illuminating accessories, locks/retaining devices, etc. and to ensure that all screws and original components are present and correctly secured.


    The Customer should include a photo and accurate statement of the item's physical condition as shipped, not breaks, chips, scratches. missing components, etc. and their location in the case of screws, bezels and glass crystals. 


    NOTE:  We photo document every item as received and throughout the re-calibration service, which includes a physical item inspection and condition report to avoid condition issue debates or discrepancies.


    The Customer must not ship any broken thermometer-tube motometer(s) or dried solid indicators.


    This is not a unit repair or parts replacement service, nor does it include any other restoration, improvement, enhancement, cleaning or polishing service, etc.


    Certain motometers may be excluded due to original manufacturing quality shortcuts that render them poor candidates for such service.


    Certain specific motometers may not be good candidates for indicator re-calibration service due to their overly fragile or poor condition. 


    If we determine the condition to be too fragile that damage may occur or result we reserve the right to refuse service and will immediately return the item to the customer.


    Prospective Service Customers should contact us prior to ordering or item shipping if they have any questions or concerns.


    Extraordinary care is taken to avoid incidental or consequential damage to any part/component of the motometer item.


    A certified expert technician performs all indicator re-calibration services after the item is unpacked, inspected and reviewed for suitability.


    This Service is exclusively provided by MOTOMETERCENTRAL

    the only Authority and Experts on all things motometer-related.

  • The customer is required to send photos to MotometerCentral™ of all sides of the Boyce Moto - Meter intended for re-calibration prior to service suitability acceptance, i.e., NO BROKEN -or- MISSING COMPONENT units will be accepted).


    The customer is responsible for sending the motometer item to MotometerCentral™.


    The customer is responsible for the (pre-paid) return shipping of their motometer item from MotometerCentral™ to their location.



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