Consistent with our goal at MotometerCentral™ to help serious motometer collectors improve their collections through various means that have proven successful for us we have written the following article that examines the on-going battle of quantity versus quality and whether or not there is a compromise allowing you to potentially have it all.

When it comes to collecting any series of items the internal collector struggle is always which is more important to pursue quantity or quality?  Each has their individual value, allure, arguable appeal, supporters and audiences.  Each has its restrictions and limitations as well.  Finally, an argument can be made for trying to find a balance between the two.

Pursuing quantity or acquiring a large number of items - for purpose of our motometer discussion - particularly when prices are low, tends to be the pursuit of and collecting ambition of many entry-level and some journeymen collectors.

Our experience has found that collectors that made quantity a priority tended to have collections that seem quite arbitrary and not very comprehensive, in addition comparative quality is usually severely lacking despite their stated or indicated pride.  Plus, these collectors tend to know little about any specific item in their collection and talk in vague generalities that only impress those of no subject knowledge or are willing to be mislead.  These quantity-oriented collectors tend to also have an inability to answer in-depth questions about an item or their collection other than to respond in terms of quantity.  They also tend to collect small variations of a single Brand.

Working to collect on a high, new, like new or unused New Old Stock (N.O.S.) basis presents limitations in the number of items that can be acquired on this collecting basis - availability and unusually high cost being two such factors.



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