Everyone at MotometerCentral™ has been diligently working on the soon to be release "Rainbow Series of books on Motometers that provides an exclusive and poignant examination of motometers, their accurate historical origin, contributions to the automotive industry and development of the automobile; what they are;  how they function; why they were needed; the art and science behind building a better quality motometer collection; as well as how to present them and gain a better return on your investment in them.

Each book is chocked full of incredibly useful , practical and easy to follow unprecedented great information and loads of immensely helpful suggestions to prevent overpaying or wasting money for them; insights as to finding the best quality examples; and becoming an expert on the facts.  Never before has anyone attempted to bring forth so much detailed information on the subject so generously provided to help fellow collectors.

The MotometerCentral™ staff has in arguably assembled the most impressive and historically significant motometer collection ever, one that has been critically acclaimed for nearly a decade around the world.  MotometerCentral™ is the perfect source for gaining insight into this rarely researched  topic.  MotometerCentral™ backs every fact presented in the series based upon years of research; technical specifications of actual in-hand examples, actual measurements; and practical functional testing.

So, besides being a great source for basic information on motometers via the Internet MotometerCentral™'s Rainbow Book series on Motometers guarantees to provide depth on a variety of related topics unfound anywhere else or before in a convenient desk or shelf guide and at an affordable price!  

Serious collectors will find many ways to save money, improve their collection and increase the return on their investment while putting together a museum exhibition-worthy collection.  The recommendations, cost saving suggestions and investment ad value tips alone will easily justify the cost of each book.  Availability will be on an individual and/or complete set basis.

Each book printing will be limited and available in physical form only.  Order reservations through this CONTACT US link are recommended to ensure that a copy is available for you, your gift worthy family, friends, auto club or fellow automobilia enthusiasts.  Pre-Order Now!  Members of the Motometer Collectors Association(MCA), Genesee Valley Antique Auto Club and Wayne Drumlins Region AACA Auto Club will receive a 25% discount excluding shipping costs (state and local taxes may apply).



SINCE 1912