Sergio Marchione hailed as “the man who saved Fiat and Chrysler” automobile manufacturing and sales companies passed away on July 25th, 2018.


Sergio became the CEO of Chrysler in June of 2009 and began his monumental task of reinvigorating the then Chrysler, Fiat and Ferrari auto group venture towards a prospective prosperous future based upon strict quality standards and compliance, close attention to the financial details and employee motivation.  He was also the former Chairman of Maserati.


In 2014 Sergio spun off the Ferrari operation, Ferrari S.p.A. and go public with it under the New York Stock exchange symbol RACE as a node to the company’s ongoing competitive origin and history.


His intelligence, industry expertise, attention to the smallest of detail and frankness was never questioned, though not always understood, as he would like.  He spoke multiple languages, was an accountant, a lawyer and auto industry executive.


Born June 17, 1952 in Italy Sergio lived in Canada after age 13 and passed away in Switzerland at age 66.


Sergio Marchione had a style all of his own and will be missed as an auto industry icon of today’s modern era. 


We at MotometerCentral™ celebrate and appreciate his life and offer our condolences to his family and loved ones.

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