Dave has a very impressive Templar Motor Car Company logo dial BOYCE MOTO-METER collection in and of its own!


















Suffice it to say that we at MotometerCentral that had the privilege of attending this portion of the SAH/Templar Motor Car museum tour were awestruck and pleased to see them all in their rightful place.


We were particularly pleased to know that each is honestly authentic and of the larger Standard or De Luxe size and model type.


It was also great to see that each vehicle on display also sported a period correct authentic Templar Motor Car Company logo dial BOYCE MOTO-METER.




















Dave's museum is pure eye candy for early Twentieth Century automobile fans.  His collection is truly amazing and is a proper museum located in the most absolute Best place for such a thing.  There is so much to see that you and your automobile club or group should book a tour  and arrange to spend all day, if time permits.


Society of Automotive Historians only got about an hour to try and take everything in and, we can tell you first-hand, that it was in no way ample or sufficient though quite satisfying nonetheless.


David Buehler is a superfine person and unique person, so it is no wonder that he and this fine automobile marque should find each other.
















      David Buehler discussing the Templar founders & company History                                                The Templar Motor Car factory milestone timeline

                        Saturday April 16, 2016 for SAH members                                                                                           before the SAH tour group audience



To arrange a museum tour or visit, contact Templar Motors using the following link:





Visit the Templar Motor website using the following link:




Read about Dave's Motometer Donation by clicking on the following image link:












MotometerCentral its founder and owners wholehearted support David Buehler, Templar Motors and all associated efforts.  and, we wholehearted encourage all serious antique automobile fans to arrange to see the many artifacts of this defunct marque.



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