Normally we do not comment on activity in the secondary motometer market, but as this new year begins we decided it time to share certain observations and analysis.

Throughout 2016 we observed motometer prices, in a certain market place, rather illogical increase.  These increases did not seem to coincide with truly rare, highly unique, better quality or complete authentic original offerings.


Three factors seemed to contribute to the escalation of prices that certain people were willing to pay for a motometer.  The primary factor appeared to be some people having discovered our MotometerCentral.com website, found it intriguing and then decided that they wanted in on this exciting, new to them, last best chance to get in on this exciting area of automobilia.  The second factor would appear to closely related and rooted in irrational "pent up" demand.  The third could be attributed to "the herd mentality."

Rather ordinary motometers and many with substantial flaws saw extraordinary high prices.  The flaws were most directly related to functionality and condition, though that did not seem to matter to these bidders and buyers, else they were unaware of this factor. 

The "herd mentality" also explains the overbidding and willingness to pay a premium plus price for a motometer of no obvious provenance or historical significance.

Regardless of factor or reason it resulted in a windfall to the sellers.




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