To our knowledge, MotormeterCentral™ personnel are the only motometer market analysts in existence.  Our analysts track listings. advertisement and items offered for sale, duration on market, initial and final prices, item types, item condition, seller, market place and potential buyer interest among other factors and parameters.

Boiling it all down for the months of January  and February of 2017 we observed no motometer-specific items for sale at the major automobile auctions held during this time.

We are not yet into auto Swap Meet season so that pretty much leaves online sources which are the most popular among general automobilia  collecting enthusiasts.

On a particular online auction website, very common motometers of fair to lesser condition quality were listed along with numerous recently manufactured reproductions.  Most of these motometers had very noticeable finish loss, topped out temperature indicating fluid thermometers and obvious signs of damage.

Many poorly contrived "come hither" seller advertising descriptions inaccurately plagiarized information from our website to suit their purpose(s) or have constructed baseless statements like "1917 Early Model with Open Cage on the Thermometer Bulb End."  (See description image below, Click on it to Enlarge)

This particular seller has also used the completely made-up term, "bird cage," to describe the BOYCE MOTO-METERs™ that have an exposed thermometer bulb lower radiator attachment bolt.

Most accurately and technically correct, BOYCE MOTO-METER inventor Harrison Boyce described and referred to this feature as "a metallic thimble or cap which is provided with a plurality of perforations or holes" in his early patents to which this feature applied.  No mention of a "bird cage" or any such nonsense!    Nor was there ever any such reference in any of the Motometer Company's documents, documentation, advertisements or use of phrase by any person associated with them or during the period of the company's operating existence.

This same seller frequently misstates facts around the motometer items in his possession that he offers up at overly inflated prices while dressing them up with one accessory after another only to not include them as part of the sale like a spider's web hoping to trap an unsuspecting fly.

We find his entire advertising and selling process despicable, disreputable and harmful to the integrity of our collecting hobby as it confuses listing viewers; obscures the accurate historical record; and, needlessly makes it more difficult for honest sellers now and in the future.  His caveat emptor approach to selling is rather callous and based upon some experience trying to work with him early in our collecting days we now know that it is best for us to avoid his readily recognizable listings without hesitation or waste of time.

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