The Motometer Collectors Association (MCA) is  the first and only professional organization soley focused and dedicated to the interests , awareness and education of motometer automobilia collecting and preserving its heritage and related item from its 100 year history.


Founded in 2011 by ardent motometer collector and related artifact preservationist Francis G. Clax, the MCA was created as a means to raise the stature of motometer collecting; provide a meaningful forum for those of similar interest; establish a provenance registry; offer seminars, workshops and courses to assist its members in becoming more knowledgable and/or certified experts on the subject; and, to know more about proper care for these esteemed treasures from the early years of automotive industry history that are growing more scarce and fragile with every passing day and year.



We wholeheartedly encourage new through longer term motometer collectors to join the Motometer Collectors Association (MCA).  Based upon years of observation across a broad spectrum of motometer makets it has become inauguably and painfully obvious that almost all sellers and buyers  do not truly know as much information as they could, if only they access to a knowledge bank or source available to them, such as the Motometer Collectors Association (MCA).  At this time, we humbly supply our members with the necessary information to make well-versed buying, selling, care and maintenance decisions.  Being better informed will enable our members to more quickly identify historically significant and truly valuable, unique and rare motometers; and, to minimize resource expenditures on common unit examples.




Wide Access to a vast database of authentic original informational.


Access to the leading historian on the subject of motometers.


Authenticity assessments of member motometer and/or related items.


Ability to have their items certified and registered in a provence database.


Access to associated members.


Classified Listings - ability to list their items for barter, exchange, sale, trade or wanted in a focused environment of highly similar interest participants.


Aid and assistance in effecting repairs, re-calibrations, locating missing or replacement parts.


Free access to all Motometer Collectors Association sponsored events and exhibits.




Membership is easy, fast and affordable.


To Join the Motometer Collectors Association start by reading and choosing a Membership program that fits your needs, (click on the MCA MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM  Link then click on the MCA JOIN link or you can use the Contact us link.


No Prerequisites, just a desire to join and learn more about motometers or motometer collecting.


This is an organization for true independent enthusists and collectors versus dealers or retailers.


The Motometer Collectors Association is managed and operated on the same basis as a 501(C3) Charitable, Non-Political  Organization, (status pending for official designation).





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