"Automovillismo Cubana  - Cuban Motosports:

A Brief 20th and 21st Century Cultural and Political History"

By Tom Adamich

Tom Adamich's Presentation Title Slide on MotometerCentral.com
Tom Adamich on MotometerCentral.com

President at Visiting Library Services of Columbus, Ohio, Tom Adamich, provided the International Motor Racing history  Jean S. Argetsinger Symposium attendees an inspiring and touching insight into the challenges faced by the Cuban auto racing culture.

In the United States and many other places around the globe we are ever so privileged to express and pursue our automotive passion in many different manners unavailable to Cuban citizens for the past half century.

Cuban international politics minimized and restrained the availability of most modern automobiles, replacement and high -performance parts.   While internal national politics and policies forced car parts replacement into the realm of small, independent auto garagemen and backyard shops.

Despite these obstacles Tom informed and showed us the clandestine efforts of dedicated car racing and auto fans taken to pursue their passion to the fullest extent.  As in most municipalities street drag racing must be done in desolate areas earning the participants the label or badge of honor "(Street racing) Outlaws."

Post presentation:  Perhaps, with the ever disappearing barriers to entering and doing  business with Cubans in Cuba, Cuban auto enthusiasts main gain greater access to much needed modern automobiles, Classic Era period replacement and modern parts.  and, hopefully the opportunity for sanctioned racing.

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