In our efforts to continually increase awareness on the factual subject of early Twentieth Century radiator-mounted engine temperature indicating gauges and devices - commonly known as motometers - we will be publishing a series of booklets to aid and assist motometer collecting enthusiasts in developing a respected, top quality collection.

These booklets, though relatively short are packed full of accurate fact-based information and illustrations specifically designed to provide you with the information that can help you not only build a better quality motometer collection but develop an expert's level vocabulary and working knowledge  of their accurate history and origin versus the Internet - led misinformation any advertisement listing hype used to sell an item.

Acquiring every booklet in the series is inarguably the only way to go as each booklet possess new and different content that brings the genre into clearer view when taken together as a whole.

Each booklet is based upon our actual motometer collecting experience and professional expertise.  This series is unprecedented and has never before been successfully attempted.

Produced as booklets to make the highly concentrated information easier to understand, readily available as a desktop reference guide and be easily affordable.

You can observe our Home Page's primary background image to reference the basis of our collection before numerous improvements and additions as a strong indication how you might advance your collection.  And, of course you may view the numerous other examples shown throughout the rest of the website.

The series will begin with "Building A Better Quality Motometer Collection" and contains numerous tips, suggestions and recommendations on how anyone can do so if they follow the offered steps.  (It is getting more competitive and costly to assemble a high quality motometer collection these days as the quality and diversity of available devices steadily decreases, so any expert's insider's tips should be worth the cost of the set  let alone a single issue.)  The series will be produced in limited numbers.


Knowledge makes all the difference in life and motometer collecting!

We hope that you will join us and get your series copies.



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