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RE: Automotive Mascots/James Colwill

    A: Vintage Cars of Victoria - Episode #2                 B: Westworld Magazine -The Collector

RE: Indianapolis 500

                A.J. Foyt & Ray Harroun                                      First (1911)  Indy 500 Race

RE: Templar Motors/David Buehler                      RE: Vintage Cars of Victoria/ Joey Scarfone

                                                                                                                                      A: The Mascot Show - Episode

RE: Formula 1 Pit Stops                                                   RE: Shell History of Motor Racing

                                                                                                   The Heroic Days 1902-1951

RE: Ontario County Historical Society                           RE: Supercar Maintenance

                     John North Willys

RE: And, the Motometer Stayed On!                          RE:  Amalgam Fine Model Cars on Jay

                                                                                                     Leno's Garage

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Motor Vehicle Accidents of the '20s & '30s where the Motometer was Undamaged

RE: Francis Clax/MOTOMETERCENTRAL™ Motometer Collection Exhibit

at the Ontario County Historical Society Museum

Almagam Fine Model Cars on Jay Leno's Ga
MotometerCentral Ontario County Historical Society Motometer Exhibit Virtual Tour
MotometerCentral Ontario County Historical Society Virtual Tour - Medium Format
MotometerCentral Ontario County Historical Society Musseum Exhibit Virtual Tour - Large Format

RE: To Be or Not To Be?




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