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Motometers, or early automobile engine temperature indicators, were once a necessary instrument that adorned the hood of nearly every automobile up to the 1930s.  And, while every car today has a technologically advanced version in it (an engine temp gauge or Check Engine light), it is collectors of these early automobilia artifacts that are preserving the most vivid evidence of their history - the gauges themselves.  However, much of their history and origin has been either lost, ignored or supplanted with urban legend, instead of the facts.


As motometer collectors we know that until now so little actual factual information on these devices; their inventors or namesakes; patent dates; manufacturers, technical specifications; and, virtually everything else about them is not known or readily available in a single, trustworthy environment.


We developed this website to serve our fellow collectors, automotive industry historians and your need for more factual information about early automobile radiator-mounted engine temperature indicating devices, more commonly known as motometers, in general and specific, their origins, history and, to help/assist you in building an oustanding, high quality collection.  It is our aim to restore unto the automotive industry history and popular knowledge base a comprehensive compilation of that information.


We know from sight and experience that the information stated about them by many sellers, online sights and auto swap meet or club events is neither true or factual.  So, we decided to do something about that and rectify the situation.


We created this fact-based, dedicated and focused website to satisfy your need to know more and receieve real and unbiased answers.


We welcome and encourage site visitors to explore all our many sections and galleries.  We promise that there is a lot to do and see.  The site will continue to change and evolve so that we can comprehensively cover as much of the subject niche's 100 year history, as possible.


Enjoy exploring the many features of the MotometerCentral™ website!



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